Turbocharged Type II VW Splittie Bus

VW, Volkswagen, TypeII, Type II, Bus, turbocharged

Growing up, Rolando Alvarado was always a fan of the air-cooled Volkswagen scene and it quickly became a personal goal of his to acquire a 1965 Type II Volkswagen Bus.

turbo, turbocharged, VW, Volkswagen, bus, TypeII

Regarded as one of the most sought-after model Buses in the world, the Type II Volkswagen Bus was a forerunner of the modern cargo and passenger vans.

The Type II Bus is also known as the Splittie due to the front split –windows.  The Type II Bus was commissioned due to the needs of a post-war Germany. Ben Pon, a Dutch fellow (who was actually a major importer of VW Beetles to the United States), was responsible for convincing the Volkswagen factory that a commercial transporter was needed after the Second World War. He drew up sketches of his idea of a “box on wheels”. In 1950, the Type II Bus was born – without rear windows or bumpers. They were originally based on the VW Beetle chassis but that chassis proved to be too weak for the production of a larger bus thus a new chassis was designed specifically for it.

VW, Volkswagen, turbo, turbocharged


The coolest thing about this particular splittie has to be its engine bay!

This engine started off as a 1600cc motor, but was bored out to an astonishing 2276cc with ported and polished heads, AA 94mm forged ceramic coated pistons, custom designed heads with turbo chambers including matching ported and modified end castings. That’s not all – let’s not forget the most obvious thing that draws your eye when looking into the engine bay – the Garrett T3/T4 Turbo set-up!!! This turbocharged air cooled setup is good for about 235hp with 12lbs of boost on pump gas.

Click through for more photos and information on this amazing build on MOTORMAVENS.

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