Tomei Stroker SR20DET S13 Silvia

S13, Silvia, SR20DET, Tomei Stroker, Garrett Turbo, Motec, HKS

This isn’t a RHD converted 240SX. This is a real S13 Silvia. The interior looks like most drift cars – which is not to disparage the car in any way. It’s very simple – this car is constructed with an emphasis on competition within a motorsport and, as you know, all motorsports involve speed.

BoostBash, Boost Bash, Tomei, SR20 Stroker, SR20DET, PSI Racing

Kyle Pollard, the owner of this Silvia, wanted to keep this S13 true to the roots. He kept the SR20DET and built it to accommodate the high level of competition in Formula D. He ended up using a Tomei 2.2 Stroker kit, Ikeya Formula Throttle Bodies, HKS 264 cams, Garrett GTX3076R Turbocharger, DOC Race exhaust manifold, and Motec standalone to name a few parts. Portland Speed Industries tuned the car to make 560whp and 490 lb/ft of torque.

S13, Silvia, SR20DET, Tomei Stroker, Garrett Turbo, Motec, HKS


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