Porsche 911 Turbo Hillclimb Monster

Boost Bash, Porsche, 911, 993

Duck Fuson is the owner of this Porsche 911 turbo with huge widebody overfenders and an aggressive, functional GT wing. Even thought it looks like a newer chassis, this 911 is actually a 1974 model year car!

Aside from the functionally aerodynamic front bumper, multicolored front air splitter, and huge fiberglass flares from Getty Design, Duck swapped out his classic Porsche bodywork for a newer style hood, fenders, and projector headlights from a Porsche 993. The headlights have also been covered with yellow 3M film, which give the car more of a LeMans look.

When I asked Duck about the blue and yellow accents on his front lip, mirror, and rear wing uprights, he explained that he went to one of the first F1 races at Indianapolis, and they had a Porsche Supercup race before the actual F1 race. He spotted a 911 with that blue and yellow color scheme, and he painted his car with the same colors to pay homage to that Porsche Supercup car.

Boost Bash, Porsche, 911 turbo, 911, 993

Lifting the trunk lid and enormous aluminum GT wing reveals more personality from logos hidden underneath. Sitting above the 3.6L engine is a huge intercooler that Duck fabricated himself, with a 50mm Tial blow off valve affixed to the left side. The engine internals feature custom 9.5:1 JE Pistons mated to Porsche forged rods with ARP rod bolts. The engine runs stock cams, but with the Haltech F9A fuel injection, the 2300lb car makes just over 500hp on 1.1 bar of boost.

Boost Bash, Porsche, 911turbo


Just behind the rear bumper sits a custom spec Innovative 67mm turbo, with a purple anodized Tial wastegate on the right side, and a ported Porsche wastegate on the left. Duck added the Tial wastegate because even with the ported factory Porsche wastegate all the way open, the car still made too much boost. He decided that he needed two wastegates, which he controls using a rare Porsche 935 boost controller.

Get more photos and details about this amazing 911 on MOTORMAVENS.

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