Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Car Care Goods

Meguiar's Mirror Bright Car Cleaner

The Mirror Bright™ by Meguiar’s® line of automobile appearance care goods are developed in the Meguiar’s California-based laboratory, offering new modern day formulations that provide simple, yet effective solutions for enthusiasts who want to quickly detail and maintain their automobiles with their own two hands.

Nostalgic, whisper white bottles with deco-styled labels celebrate the company’s heritage, while also making Mirror Bright™ items easy for consumers for find on the shelf.


Mirror Bright™ Automobile Shampoo, a new product that sets the foundation for the recently launched line of recrafted car care products. Meguiar’s uses modern technology and nostalgic design to meet the needs of seasoned enthusiasts and new car guys. Mirror Bright™ Automobile Shampoo is formulated for all exterior car surfaces including modern clear coat finishes. This deluxe shampoo gently removes dirt, road grime and surface contaminants. The rich, carnauba milk formula not only cleans, but also provides wax protection during the wash process. It is the perfect accompaniment to fortify the finish of Mirror Bright Polishing Wax. The shampoo leaves a clean and shiny appearance for a car lover’s next road adventure. This product is packaged in 48-fluid oz. nostalgic whisper white bottle with MSRP at $9.99.


Mirror Bright™ Wheel Cleaner is a sure bet for cleaning all automobile wheel types. Its strong yet gentle cleaning comes from the use of a pH balanced formula and a special ingredient that dissolves brake dust and rust remnants. Great for the new generation of car enthusiasts, Mirror Bright™ Wheel Cleaner is safe on all wheel and brake finishes including chrome, polished aluminum and painted. The product is packaged in a 22-fluid oz. trigger spray bottle, with MSRP at $8.99.


Mirror Bright™ Detailing Spray is a true multi-task product that gently cleans both exterior and interior automobile surfaces and finishes. The no-scratch formula is safe for all paint types, including lacquers, enamels and clear coats. It is excellent for removing bird soiling, grime and other contaminants from paint finishes in between washing.  Mirror Bright™ Detailing Spray is also the smart choice for keeping multiple automobile interiors clean and tidy, including instruments, gauges and screens. The product comes in a 22-fluid oz. nostalgic, whisper white bottle with black trigger spray. MSRP stands at $8.99.

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