DeatschWerks Subaru Top Feed Fuel Rails w/ Injectors

Deatschwerks, Fuel Rail, Top Feed Upgrade 1

DeatschWerks announces the expansion of their diverse fuel delivery products to include 2 innovative rail-injector kits for Subaru WRX, STi, and other EJ20 and EJ25 Subaru engines.  The new kits come in 2 styles: Upgrade Kit and Conversion Kit. 

Deatschwerks, Fuel Rail, Top Feed Upgrade

The Upgrade Kit is for applications that already utilize top feed injectors.  This kit eliminates the poorly designed OE rails that allow cylinder-to-cylinder pressure variances.   The DeatschWerks kit includes injectors and rails that are engineered to work together and provide consistent fuel supply over a wide range of flow rates and pressures.

The Conversion Kit is for applications that utilize side feed injectors.  This kit, in addition to supplying a consistent fuel supply, allows the customer to run top feed injectors that are less expensive, tune better, and are available in many more flow rate options.

Deatschwerks, Fuel Rail, Top Feed Upgrade 1

Both the Upgrade Kit and the Conversion Kit include Bosch EV14 injectors ranging from 750cc to 1200cc and are engineered as a system where the injectors, rails, and mounting hardware all work together to integrate flawlessly into the existing OE manifold and mounting points.   In addition, both systems are fully anodized for e85 compatibility; feature large bore -6AN fittings; and include everything needed for a drop-in fitment.

All DeatschWerks products come with a 3-year comprehensive warranty. More information about the exciting Subaru Top Feed Rails can be found at this link.

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