Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Car Care Goods

Meguiar's Mirror Bright Car Cleaner

The Mirror Bright™ by Meguiar’s® line of automobile appearance care goods are developed in the Meguiar’s California-based laboratory, offering new modern day formulations that provide simple, yet effective solutions for enthusiasts who want to quickly detail and maintain their automobiles with their own two hands.

Nostalgic, whisper white bottles with deco-styled labels celebrate the company’s heritage, while also making Mirror Bright™ items easy for consumers for find on the shelf. [Read more...]

DBA USA 5000 Series Brake Rotors

DBA USA 5000 Series Brake Rotors DBA USA, brake rotors, 500 series

Inspired in Australia’s heartland, DBA developed the Kangaroo Paw cooling system. This patented ventilation system provides a much more efficient method of keeping the rotors cool under the heaviest of braking applications and is incorporated into DBA USA’s rotors across the entire range.  [Read more...]

Turbocharged Type II VW Splittie Bus

VW, Volkswagen, TypeII, Type II, Bus, turbocharged

Growing up, Rolando Alvarado was always a fan of the air-cooled Volkswagen scene and it quickly became a personal goal of his to acquire a 1965 Type II Volkswagen Bus.

turbo, turbocharged, VW, Volkswagen, bus, TypeII

Regarded as one of the most sought-after model Buses in the world, the Type II Volkswagen Bus was a forerunner of the modern cargo and passenger vans.

The Type II Bus is also known as the Splittie due to the front split –windows.  [Read more...]

Porsche 911 Turbo Hillclimb Monster

Boost Bash, Porsche, 911, 993

Duck Fuson is the owner of this Porsche 911 turbo with huge widebody overfenders and an aggressive, functional GT wing. Even thought it looks like a newer chassis, this 911 is actually a 1974 model year car!

Aside from the functionally aerodynamic front bumper, multicolored front air splitter, and huge fiberglass flares from Getty Design, Duck swapped out his classic Porsche bodywork for a newer style hood, fenders, and projector headlights from a Porsche 993. The headlights have also been covered with yellow 3M film, which give the car more of a LeMans look.

When I asked Duck about the blue and yellow accents on his front lip, mirror, and rear wing uprights, he explained that he went to one of the first F1 races at Indianapolis, and they had a Porsche Supercup race before the actual F1 race. He spotted a 911 with that blue and yellow color scheme, and he painted his car with the same colors to pay homage to that Porsche Supercup car.

Boost Bash, Porsche, 911 turbo, 911, 993

Lifting the trunk lid and enormous aluminum GT wing reveals more personality from logos hidden underneath. Sitting above the 3.6L engine is a huge intercooler that Duck fabricated himself, with a 50mm Tial blow off valve affixed to the left side. The engine internals feature custom 9.5:1 JE Pistons mated to Porsche forged rods with ARP rod bolts. The engine runs stock cams, but with the Haltech F9A fuel injection, the 2300lb car makes just over 500hp on 1.1 bar of boost. [Read more...]

Brian Crower 4AG Stroker Kit



For Corolla and Mr2 owners that are running supercharged or turbocharged 4AG engines or those who are interested in boosting their naturally aspirated 1600cc twin cam engines, Brian Crower has produced an incredible stroker kit with all forged internals! This stroker brings the 4AG from 1.6 liters to 1.8 liters!

The BC stroker kit for the Toyota 4AGE engine incorporates a 83mm stroke, steel billet crankshaft. Depending on bore size that you decide, the BC kit will take you up to a 1.8L with a safe 83mm bore. The 4AGE kit utilizes premium steel billet connecting rods. As usual, each BC kit features custom CP or JE pistons, wrist pins, and full ring pack. Big time horsepower and torque gains. [Read more...]

Boost Bash Is Coming!

Ben Sopra, R35, Nissan, GTR

BoostBash is the West Coast’s premier event catering to owners of (and prospective owners of) forced induction vehicles. Whether it’s turbocharged, supercharged or twincharged… whether it’s a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle… Boost Bash welcomes ALL lovers of forced induction engines! Join us and let’s Turn It Up!

BoostBash, FC3S, RX7, TurboII, John Jimison, Boost Bash

Tomei Stroker SR20DET S13 Silvia

S13, Silvia, SR20DET, Tomei Stroker, Garrett Turbo, Motec, HKS

This isn’t a RHD converted 240SX. This is a real S13 Silvia. The interior looks like most drift cars – which is not to disparage the car in any way. It’s very simple – this car is constructed with an emphasis on competition within a motorsport and, as you know, all motorsports involve speed.

BoostBash, Boost Bash, Tomei, SR20 Stroker, SR20DET, PSI Racing

Kyle Pollard, the owner of this Silvia, wanted to keep this S13 true to the roots. He kept the SR20DET and built it to accommodate the high level of competition in Formula D. He ended up using a Tomei 2.2 Stroker kit, Ikeya Formula Throttle Bodies, HKS 264 cams, Garrett GTX3076R Turbocharger, DOC Race exhaust manifold, and Motec standalone to name a few parts. Portland Speed Industries tuned the car to make 560whp and 490 lb/ft of torque. [Read more...]

AEM 320lph High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump

AEM High Flow Fuel Pump


AEM’s 320lph High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump (with Offset Inlet) is designed for high performance naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles. It delivers reliable performance and high volumes of fuel flow for roughly half the cost of comparable performance fuel pumps.

The AEM 320lph High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump (PN 50-1000) flows 320 lph (84 gph) at 43 PSI and is capable of supporting over 1,000 HP at 43 PSI.* [Read more...]

Apex’i WS2 Exhaust for S13 & S14

Apexi, Apex'i, World Sport, World Sport II, exhaust, S13, S14, 240SX


What?! Are you serious? We just found out that Apex’i has recently released a new exhaust for the S13 and S14 chassis Nissan 240SX – just when we thought that everyone already made everything under the sun for this car… the good folks at Apex’i are keeping their love for the S chassis alive by producing this all new exhaust. It features a high quality stainless end muffler and tip, with a charcoal matte black mid muffler and mandrel bent piping. [Read more...]

DeatschWerks Subaru Top Feed Fuel Rails w/ Injectors

Deatschwerks, Fuel Rail, Top Feed Upgrade 1

DeatschWerks announces the expansion of their diverse fuel delivery products to include 2 innovative rail-injector kits for Subaru WRX, STi, and other EJ20 and EJ25 Subaru engines.  The new kits come in 2 styles: Upgrade Kit and Conversion Kit.  [Read more...]



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